Mishti – মিষ্টি

Mishti – মিষ্টি – means “Sweet” in Bengali. And Bengalis are known for their sweet tooth and “Mistanna Bhandars”. What better to call a blog centered primarily around Bengali Cuisine. This is my food stop and placeholder for the innumberable recipes that I have learnt from my mother and I keep collecting from my family and friends. Occasionally, I innovate quick hacks or try to replicate dishes that I like. I like the simplicity of the recipes from Anjum Anand and the flamboyance of Nigella Lawson‘s creations. I live in Pune with my husband who has been dilligently clicking away photographs of the food that I cook. Needless to say, they look better in the photographs. One day I hope to publish a book. This blog is also my small effort to keep my mum’s legacy alive.

Mishti is was (known as arrbee these days) also my IRC handle on Freenode (don’t bother about the “why”.. lets just say I was in a hurry to get one that day). Techie by choice and profession, but born to cook.


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